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A small prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for getting us home safely and into the arms of family.

Please help me to be kind to each person I meet today.

Give me the strength to comfort those that need it.

Help each of my actions be guided by your will, and may each action be in memory of Summer.

Let me remember that not everything has to go my way, and that unkind words are spoken through grief.

All of Summer’s family and friends are trying to do good things, please help them in those deeds and hold a special place for those I may forget to thank properly.


My Sister was a RockStar

I’m so moved by all the sentiments posted here.  I had no idea what Summer was like outside of my experiences with her.  I’m so surprised and happy to read these stories..

Here is a photo with her and Kassidy.

This one is of hungry Aunty Rockstar with hungry baby Chance and cowboy photo bomber with his partner ATM.

“Summertime” celebration of life reminder. It’s tomorrow!

Saturday Celebration for Summer
Watch for the “Daisy” mylar baloons on Ray Rd  to identify direction to the location.
Address again is 2711 E. Dry Creek Road in Phoenix, (Awatukee), 85048.
Turn West on Ray Road when you exit I-10.
Click HERE for a map
It’s a residential so initial parking will be on the street.  When that is full, we’ll utilize valet to a local parking area.   Car pooling is recommended and appreciated.

Summer Sue, Eyes of Blue

Summer & Christensen Twins on their 1st birthday.

Thank you all so much for sharing.

Summer & Isa


 Flowers for Summer can be delivered Monday, 4/16 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to Central Christian Church, 933 N. Lindsay Road, Mesa AZ 85213  , not just the one hour window as previously stated
Also, the sunset service at Mesa City Cemetery is at 6:00pm  Monday 4/16…..not 4/14 as previously stated.
An additional memorial service for Summer will be held Monday, April 23, 2012 at Thorn Creek Christian Church, 12590 N. Washington St, Thornton CO 80241Service will be conducted AT 5:00 PM by Pastor Ruben Villarreal.  All family, friends and church members are invited. 303-252-7111