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We miss you SumSum! – (Headstone update, no more necklace of fur)

September 20, 2016

Just an update. Summer’s headstone was fractured and Mom got it remade.


She updated the picture too. Summer was visiting Tyson in California and they went to The Price is Right together.

Mom called the old picture, The Necklace of Dogs.  So just sweet and simple SumSum.


We miss you so much.  I made a mix disc for her memorial.  One of my favorite songs on the playlist is below.  It was produced by Jose Padilla and Kirsty Keatch.  It’s called Dragonflies.


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  1. Mom permalink

    This year is Summer’s 40th birthday….and she looks even better! Only the good die young and her new memorial picture looks more like her forever-young spirit. I think she cracked the old one so we would need to consider her choice of pic (?!!?) Yup….she still gets her way…..and that’s just fine.

  2. Mom permalink

    Patrick….love the mix and very much Summer’s style. I love playing the CD on her birthday and on mother’s day. Thank you for this awesome gift.

  3. LENN E HOWARD permalink

    The Dragonfly song is so powerful it brings Summer’s spirit in to the room. Thank you again and again for the CD

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