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Happy Birthday Summer

March 6, 2013

Today is Summer’s 37th birthday.  We want to focus on her life so we celebrate and remind ourselves of her contributions, especially on this day each year.

Thank you all for your love and support, we are all better for having known and experienced Summer.


I recently got some old negatives developed from the early 90’s when I was taking photo classes and involved in Westwood’s yearbook.  See below for some great pics of Sumbum and remember that she has passed the responsibility of her life and memories onto us.  I carry them with affection and pride.  Thank you Summer, we love and miss you so much!

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  1. Mom / Lenn permalink

    Tonight was very exciting. Evalyn, Carrie and other ladies and I went to hear Dr. Eben Alexander speak on his book…..Proof of Heaven, which I’ve found very comforting and educational. There was a strong presence of Summer tonight. Dr. Alexander showed a picture of his birth sister, Betsy, who was his guardian angel during his near death experience. It turns out Betsy died of alcoholism so he could very well relate. He said Betsy’s addiction was like a 900 lb gorilla crushing her life away. When Dr Alexander signed his book for me, he wrote: “To Lenn and Evalyn …Summer is deeply loved forever!” I truly pray Summer and Betsy are aware of how much their sacrifice of life is appreciated in this realm, as they teach their loved ones the hard lessons of compassion and greater love.

  2. Mom / Lenn permalink

    For Summer’s 38th birthday 3/6/14, Patrick, Sheri and I did our traditional Wendy’s lunch, complete with Summer’s favorite birthday carrot cake to celebrate. We cut the slice into 4 pieces….one for each of us and one for Summer too, and then go to the cemetery. This year Bud and Sissy were with us to visit Gracie. It was a beautiful spring day and we wiped off the headstone and added a crazy giant pinwheel to entertain Summer…..maybe it is to generate power for her cell phone? Summer was always on the phone! It’s very kind of Patrick and Sheri to take time to be together each year. Much love was felt and shared this day….and will continue forever!

  3. Mom/Lenn permalink

    March 6, 2021, sweet Summer’s 45th birthday. Bob and I had Carrot Cake, Summer’s favorite birthday treat. The tears still come, and she is missed especially from her birthday until Easter. Easter Sunday is a powerful reminder that we’ll all be together again, thanks to Jesus’ atonement and being the first to rise from the dead. It gives me hope to see and hug her again.

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