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Rest in peace little sister

January 11, 2013

My kid sister can finally rest in peace.  Surrounded by her baby-dogs here in Mesa and up in heaven with Basil. (Basil is really loving the one on one snuggle time I’m sure, but Mom and New Dad, (Bob), are very good grand parents and enjoying the lively company of Reggie and Gracie.)

Summer’s headstone is in place and I’m sure she’d love a visit from you.  She’s laid to rest at the Mesa City Cemetery.  It’s easiest to use the Country Club Drive entrance which is at about 1325 N. Country Club drive on the East side of the street, (Directly across from the Mesa Country Club.)

Using that entrance, follow the road in and at the, “T”, make a right which is 13th street.  Follow that around to another, “T”, which is 12th street and make another right.

Drive down a bit and you can park next to the fence before or around the bend in the road as 12th Street turns East into, ‘A’ Street.  

From there, Summer is around the third row of trees from 12th street and the third tree in from ‘A’ Street.

The coordinates are, 33.437301,-111.837432

If you still can’t find her, give me a call and I can help.  602-312-6504.


Here are some pictures of her fancy new headstone.




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  1. Mom / Lenn permalink

    On Friday, I replaced the Christmas Poinsettias that Verletta, Scott and Traci placed there with a new bouquet of red and white roses. Someone left a single red rose….thank you.

    On Saturday, 1/12/13, Bob and Michelle brushed away the dirt from the new monument setting and took great pictures. Now people can see Summer’s smile when they visit. Please let friends and family know the headstone is now in place.

    Kristi says she likes the sunflower design.

  2. Toni Wilkinson permalink

    Summer’s headstone is beautiful like her. She will always be missed. But one day I will have a great reunion with her in heaven. Until then…

  3. Mom / Lenn permalink

    Went to visit Summer’s gravesite Saturday, May 11, 2013, day before Mother’s Day. Just wanted to celebrate with her and thank her for choosing me to be her mother. I cleared her headstone and had a Wendy’s lunch with her. Then, on Wed 5/15/13, went to the Mesa Temple and did an endowment session. Again, I sat on the front row and no one sat to my right but filled up the rest of the seats. This happens 95% of the time I attend the Temple….I think my sweet Summer is sitting to my right because she is left handed. I put out my hand to hold her’s and imagine sweet visions and words she would say if she were there. It will be interesting to discuss this with her in heaven.

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