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September 1, 2012

The Summer of 2012 is coming to a close. I was lucky enough to hang out at my brother Tyson’s place in downtown Long Beach, CA. Helping straighten up, I found a great photo of Summer and wanted to share. We all love and miss you sister. Thank you for the time you gave us.

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  1. Deanna Clement permalink

    Oct. 17, 2012 Summer, this note is for you. Saw your mother, last night. We haven’t seen her in many years and always considered her and your dad our friends. She shared the message of your passing on to your Heavenly Father. I looked at your photos and you are so beautiful, and look a lot like your mom. She misses you and loves you. I wish we could have known you longer. When we last knew you were the sweet little one of Paul and Lenn’s. May you be forever cradled in your Heavenly Father’s arms and know that you and your family will one day be reunited. The Dan Clement family of Gilbert, Arizona

  2. Mom / Lenn permalink

    March 31, 2013 Easter Sunday – today is a hard day. It’s not the 1 year date yet of Summer’s passing…but on Easter Sunday last year, Bob and I were on a plane to CO. Her passing last year was on Good Friday I believe. Shawn met us at the Denver Airport with many hugs and much support. Mitch followed later in the day, completely serving our needs and supporting the necessary preparations as a kind and gracious elder brother. All of Summer’s Colorado friends gave much love and caring too.

    What a special day today is to remember our sweet Summer. Everyone dresses up in pretty colors, has a celebration with children, decorations and hope. A perfect day each year to celebrate our precious Summer’s life. She loves a good party with food, friends and family to get together…..but along with that happiness come the tears. She is missed terribly. Of course she is in a happier place, we just hope her spirit visits when we do these symbolic earthly family gatherings.

    We still miss her so, and it is a comfort to know she is with the Savior. We’d like to think Jesus gave her a holiday discount for her “flight” to peace and forever love on His special day. Oh, and Winnie and Basil puppies are there to keep her smilin’ too.

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