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My Sister was a RockStar

April 13, 2012

I’m so moved by all the sentiments posted here.  I had no idea what Summer was like outside of my experiences with her.  I’m so surprised and happy to read these stories..

Here is a photo with her and Kassidy.

This one is of hungry Aunty Rockstar with hungry baby Chance and cowboy photo bomber with his partner ATM.

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  1. Patricia Chandler permalink

    Looks exactly like her mother at that age. Deeply mourned, greatly missed by all. Aunt Paty xoxoxo

  2. Jessica Christensen permalink

    I like to think that our children always held a special place in Summer’s heart; but the fact of the matter is she loved them all . . . and they loved her. I know “Aunt Summer” holds a special place in our daughter’s heart – as well as ours.

  3. Mom / Lenn permalink

    Summer is still missed every day. Today I met a woman who also lost a daughter. We plan to get together. I feel only she can understand what was lost, both past and future. Summer was a created part of me….some of the best parts of me. Not seeing her and being able to hug her leaves a huge hole in my heart that will never go away. However, I believe Summer would want me to go on with life. Hope and faith must be invited each day to get through one day at a time.

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