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Summer & Christensen Twins on their 1st birthday.

April 12, 2012

Thank you all so much for sharing.

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  1. Jessica Christensen permalink

    I so vividly remember Auntie Summer calling to make sure I had everything I needed before their 1st Birthday party. “Do you need me to get balloons? Do you need me to come help you get the kiddos ready? Do you need me to help you load the car? How can I help?”

    Just days before she even asked me if she could just take take the one that “looks like her the most” . . . then she smiled, laughed out loud, looked at me with those bright blue eyes and said something like “I’ll just have to be the fun Aunt Summer.” This is just one of many special moments I often revisit . . .

  2. Lenn Howard permalink

    Jessica, we are so grateful for you, Shawn, Kassidy and the boys being Summer’s extended family. Thanks, too, for taking care of her after her surgery and for remembering the good times. She cared deeply for people and “on a good day” she was total joy, fun and one of God’s blessings to the earth.

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