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Funeral services for Summer Chandler

April 11, 2012


Funeral services for Summer Chandler will be announced here later this week.  We are so sad to see Summer go.  Her wishes are that you celebrate her life the way she did.

Thank you.

Chandler Family

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  1. Patrick permalink

    Love you Summer. I’m sure Dad and Viv are glad you’re home. We will always miss you and be thankful for you.

    • Patricia Chandler permalink

      Lovely sentiment, Pat. Aunt Paty ( Your
      dad’s baby sis)

  2. Judy Wolfe permalink

    My condolances to the family..

  3. Sheri permalink

    All I can think of is the day of mine and Patrick’s wedding. Summer was helping fix my hair and she said, “If you have a baby, you can name it Chandler!” and we both laughed cause at the same time we both said Chandler Chandler. Summer, thank you for all the times your french braided my hair, rides you gave me to work and last, all the crazy stories and things you did. I watched you grow up to be a very strong women. Even though it had been a few years since I had seen you I was very lucky to have you in my life and have you as a sister in law. You are missed now and forever. Thank you for all the laughs.

  4. Shelli Lamoreaux permalink

    Heartfelt love to the family.

  5. Bob Howard permalink

    Good-bye to one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known. Love you Summer, and already miss you terribly

  6. Tom Schoppet permalink

    Sad that we lost you so young. I played a set of music on Sunday and dedicated it to Summer, I thought she would have enjoyed it.

  7. Love and Prayers from Oregon

  8. jenny merjil permalink

    I konw it’s been years Summer but we shared ALOT of great laughs in high school, memories I will never forget and one I’ll always thinks of every time I drive a stick. My heart is heaving knowing the loss, I’m glad we had the chance to briefly catch up on facebook.
    My prayers to all of Summer’s family.

  9. Bob Howard permalink

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am in a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.
    I am in the morning hush,
    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the starshine of the night.
    I am in the flowers that bloom,
    I am in a quiet room.
    I am in the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I do not die.

    I do not remember the poets name.

    • Susan yeager permalink

      What a perfect poem of eternal life…..

  10. Shirley Kimber permalink

    Dear Lenn, Bob, Michelle and family. Our hearts, prayers and love go out to you all. Chuck and Shirley Kimber

  11. Vince Howard permalink

    Thanks Bob for the poem, it rekindle my love of watching Summer enjoy the beaches of Oregon and Mexico. Summer loved the smell of the sea and the summer breeze as she enjoyed the sunny weather on the beach. Summer’s smile and laughter will be missed, but her presence will be with us forever in our hearts.
    Vince Howard

    • Bob Howard permalink

      Thanks Vince she did love the sun and the beach.

  12. Patricia Chandler permalink

    My heart is broken for everyone who loved her that was left behind.
    Jesus wept.
    Patricia Chandler

  13. Sylvia Lore Dodge permalink

    We had such fun together at the Sterling weekend and subsequent women’s meetings. We shared our experiences about men. Mothers, and dreams of travels and careers. I will always cherish that special time we had. I missed Summer when she moved to Colorado and was looking forward to seeing her soon. She was full of vim and vigor and spread her enthusiasm to all who shared her friendship. In my eyes, she is a successful, highly intelligent spirit with great zest for life and fearlessly enjoyed it and pursued her goals and dreams. May all family and friends take comfort in the memories of her smile, curiosity, and adventure. Our deepest sympathy and blessings for strength – you are not alone. The universe gives us guidance in many ways and I know you will be held up by special angels. With love. Sylvia

  14. Toni Wilkinson permalink

    Summer and I became friends in 1999 when we met during flight attendant training. She and I became roomates after training, and lived in apartment together near Cincinnati, Ohio. We have stayed in constant contact with each over the years. She was at my wedding in 2000, I visited her is Arizona in 2006, she came to Kentucky to visit me in 2007, and I visited her in Indiana when her father passed away. We have been trying to get together over the last few years, but never seemed to make it happen. I always thought that there would be another day….

    She always remembered my birthday. And a couple of years ago she said since she couldn’t be here to help me out that she was sending me help. She sent me a pre-paid package for a maid service because I had just had my fourth child.

    She always had a positive word to say. She was resourceful, adventurous, optimistic, funny, and beautiful. Her name fit her personality.

    As I watched my youngest daughter Ella (3 years old) the baby of my four children play today I couldn’t help but wonder and think that Summer was probably a lot like my Ella when she was a little girl.

    I have so many awsome memories with Summer. In 2002 we even applied to be contestants together on the Amazing Race TV show. We didn’t get picked, but we tried. Summer was always willing to step outside of her comfort zone and try new things.

  15. Toni Wilkinson permalink

    My last post got cut off. I just wanted to end by saying that I will forever love and miss Summer. I always called her “Summertime”……

    My deepest sympathy to her family.

  16. Sallie Brewer permalink

    My heart, prayers and love go out to you all.
    Thank you, Summer for letting me share a small part of your life, I hold that so dear to me. you will be missed.
    My Prayers are with you all.

  17. robin howard permalink

    I met Summer when she was about six years old. Out of the 4 kids she was the one that didn’t want to accept me into the mix. She would watch my interactions with her siblings and stay her distance. One day we pulled up and Summer climbed in and sat next to me ….she looked up and smiled and she had a piece of my heart forever! We have been through so many ups and downs but I choose to remember our healthy, loving relationship that I will always cheerish in her special place in my heart! I will see you in heaven my Summer Girl…love you so much! The “other” mother, Robin

  18. Jessica Christensen permalink

    When I met Summer I was 8 months pregnant with my twin boys and my husband invited me to lunch to meet a life long friend of his that had moved to Denver, Colorado. He thought we’d hit it off. When I walked into the restraunt to find this blond bombshell sitting next to my him – well, lets just say I wasn’t really feel’n it. Again, I was 8 months pregnant with twins!

    Summer left our table for a brief moment to use the ladies room; I recall looking at my husband only to ask “Sooooo how long is she staying with us?” Her blond hair, blue eyes, and sunkissed skin was only one piece of everything that was Summer Chandler. She was beautiful inside and out. Before lunch was over she was planning a baby shower and getting together a list of “Things I needed to do before the babies came.” She followed that up with “Obviously we don’t have a lot of time but we can give it hell!” – and we did!

    We shared many more moments before and after the twins came . . . Summer took our older daughter under her wing giving her all the latest tips on beauty and cosmetics. At one point Summer even offered to take her to the local women’s shelter where she volunteered to take meals twice a month . . . We went on to celebrate birthdays, holidays, Girl’s Night Out, and many other special moments. When life got busy she never missed an opportunity to “pop” in when she was on our end of town. I can still see her face as she announced “It’s Summertime! – now hand over those babies and go take a shower!”

    We laughed together, we cried together, we muddled through life’s challenges together, we had a bond of sisterhood . . . I miss that the most.

    • patricia chandler permalink

      Wonderful tribute! What sweet girls, so happy that you were/are friends! Summer’s Aunt Paty in FL.

  19. Frank huff permalink

    Sugar and spice and everything nice with a touch of chandler that’s what summer was made. Never a cold heart and always loving way! Summer sue I’m going to miss you!!!!!!! Until we meet again on the other side, I love ya sweetie.
    Uncle Frank

  20. Vertalen Setliff permalink

    Summer, girlfriend…such emptiness is left in my heart. I will always remember your beauty and sense of humor. I enjoyed you coming to church with me… I thank God for crossing our paths. See you someday angel…hold a place for me.
    Vertalen Setliff

    • patricia chandler permalink

      Lovely sentiment, the last line, I espeically Love! ❤

  21. Brandee B permalink

    Dear Summer, You and I are both anything but subtle thus I’ll say exactly what I want you to hear…You are gone far too soon, far far too soon. You have everything ‘it’ takes. You’re always effortlessly funny, intelligent and capable, truly heartwarming in those deeply honest moments, still searching yet motivated and motivational, intriguing and shocking, a true sillydilly, genuinely full of so much life. I can’t wrap my head around this. ?? I only wish so so much we’d have become closer friends and utilized one another’s best attributes, supporting one another in staying “strong & sweet, happy & healthy”. So often life comes between all of us. I’ll honor your presence, the only way I know how, through continuous thoughtful appreciation for the blessings in my life, as you told me to do (a time or ten), I know you’ll like that. Really will…sincerely in honor of you and all those who care more than I realize. Mad at you for being gone. Knowing you’re truly at peace helps a tiny bit. I must say, I’m so thankful, and it’s so memorable, to have known you particularly as honestly as we knew one another. I’ll definately carry you with me forever, Sums. xoxo Heartfelt condolences to her loved ones…

    • Patricia Chandler permalink

      For Summer & Family, greatly mourned, deeply & forever missed. Aunt Paty

  22. Bob permalink

    Beautiful words. Thanks

  23. Patricia Chandler permalink

    For Summer, I will miss you, baby

  24. Lindy permalink

    My hope is that you are getting these beautiful messages and really getting to feel them. I will miss your spirit – you were sunshine to me. It’s hard to accept and I will keep your spirit alive. Peace & Love to you, Lindy

  25. Lenn Howard permalink

    Bless each and every one of you for your loving comments. A big chunk of my heart is missing…and hearing your words are comforting and healing. I still hug my baby-girl every morning and cherish the wonderful “send off” birthday party I got to share with her, Bonnie, Kelly and Mike 3/6/12…..a precious 5 days of being with my sweet Summer…..and now, the beginning of eternity with her…..except she got a head start. My love forever for sweet Summer Suzanne -Denise-Yvette-Gizelle-Rene, Lucille, etc. xoxoxox mom

    • Patricia Chandler permalink

      We will al be together in the future

  26. Carrie Bachrach permalink

    From the time Summer passed I knew she looked like her glamour shot. Bright eyed happy to be “alive”. I hear that people who have near death experiences are surprised to still be alive. She is basking in the unconditditional love she is receiving up there and will soon be back to her creative energetic self and doing great things on thr “other side”. Also I understand our loved ones are nearby loving and helping us on our journey. Love to you Summer! You are a bright star!

    • patricia chandler permalink

      Dear Carrie, TRuly a loving ttribute, for my beloved niece. Thank you so much, very sweet and heartfelt sentiment, Merry Christmas from Florida, Patricia Chandler ( Paul Chandler’s sister, Summer’s Aunt Paty )

  27. Jeff Mosgrove permalink

    I just found about Summer. My deepest condolances to her friends and family. I was friends with Summer for a couple of years and, if I remember correctly, I last emailed and talked with her toward the end of March, 2012….Here’s how I met Summer – I was refinancing my home and Summer called to schedule the appraisal of my home. I was/am also an appraiser and, since we appraisers dont make it out much, it was nice to have someone to talk appraisals with. We hit it off and stayed in touch to shoot the shit about needy poor paying clients and all the scrutiny we were under at the time as appraisers. I had been with the same appraisal office for almost 7 years when I met Summer, and she gave me the final, and much needed push, to quit my job and start my own business. Now, three years later, I couldn’t be more happy and I have Summer to thank. I can’t believe she’s gone. I assumed that she was taking some time after appraising to either go back to school or become a court stenographer, or I thought maybe she returned to AZ for a while. I’ve thought about her numerous times and thought that I should give her a shout and see what she’s up to. My wife and I were going to have her over for dinner a couple of different times, but it never worked out. She was a lot of fun and I always enjoyed her company. She was so funny and kind, down to earth, and honest. She spoke well of and loved her family. She made me smile. I’m sorry she can’t be here still. RIP Summertime.

  28. Mom / Lenn permalink

    Today, 3/6/2013, is Summer’s 37th birthday. Her brother Ty textd me…”I know where you were 37 years ago”, which is a corny family joke. Family will meet at the cemetery tomorrow with birthday balloons, flowers and continue to celebrate her life and cherish the memories. Yes, my heart misses her every day and the tears continue to flow….but I am glad Summer is with God and all the angels and family members who love her too. They can have fun with her until I get there. xoxox Mom

  29. Vertalen permalink

    I can’t get Summer out of my mind…and I like it that way. Her beautiful face hides away in my Bible, which I’m glad to say, I see a lot of these days. Her pictures are still on my phone, on my computer…I still can’t erase voice messages from her… so to me, she lives on and on. Miss her every single day.

  30. Bob Howard permalink

    Especcially missed hearing from her on Father’s Day this year.

  31. Lisa Ardo permalink

    Oh Summer how I miss YOU!!! You were like the little sister I never had! I miss your smiling face and your bubbly personality!!! YOU WERE LARGER THAN LIFE!!! How is it that you had to leave us all so soon! I wish you would have called and shared the stress you were under, I would have GLADLY shared it with you!!! My precious sweet little sister Summer how I MISS YOU SO!!! I want so much to hear your voice, I want so much to see your smiling face, I want so much to feel your embrace! I wish there was something I could do to bring you back! I LOVE YOU SWEET SUMMER, and am looking forward to the day that we will see each other again! Until then PLEASE KNOW HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE MY PRECIOUS ANGEL!!! XXX000!!!

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