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We miss you SumSum! – (Headstone update, no more necklace of fur)

Just an update. Summer’s headstone was fractured and Mom got it remade.


She updated the picture too. Summer was visiting Tyson in California and they went to The Price is Right together.

Mom called the old picture, The Necklace of Dogs.  So just sweet and simple SumSum.


We miss you so much.  I made a mix disc for her memorial.  One of my favorite songs on the playlist is below.  It was produced by Jose Padilla and Kirsty Keatch.  It’s called Dragonflies.


Happy Birthday Summer

Today is Summer’s 37th birthday.  We want to focus on her life so we celebrate and remind ourselves of her contributions, especially on this day each year.

Thank you all for your love and support, we are all better for having known and experienced Summer.


I recently got some old negatives developed from the early 90’s when I was taking photo classes and involved in Westwood’s yearbook.  See below for some great pics of Sumbum and remember that she has passed the responsibility of her life and memories onto us.  I carry them with affection and pride.  Thank you Summer, we love and miss you so much!

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Rest in peace little sister

My kid sister can finally rest in peace.  Surrounded by her baby-dogs here in Mesa and up in heaven with Basil. (Basil is really loving the one on one snuggle time I’m sure, but Mom and New Dad, (Bob), are very good grand parents and enjoying the lively company of Reggie and Gracie.)

Summer’s headstone is in place and I’m sure she’d love a visit from you.  She’s laid to rest at the Mesa City Cemetery.  It’s easiest to use the Country Club Drive entrance which is at about 1325 N. Country Club drive on the East side of the street, (Directly across from the Mesa Country Club.)

Using that entrance, follow the road in and at the, “T”, make a right which is 13th street.  Follow that around to another, “T”, which is 12th street and make another right.

Drive down a bit and you can park next to the fence before or around the bend in the road as 12th Street turns East into, ‘A’ Street.  

From there, Summer is around the third row of trees from 12th street and the third tree in from ‘A’ Street.

The coordinates are, 33.437301,-111.837432

If you still can’t find her, give me a call and I can help.  602-312-6504.


Here are some pictures of her fancy new headstone.





The Summer of 2012 is coming to a close. I was lucky enough to hang out at my brother Tyson’s place in downtown Long Beach, CA. Helping straighten up, I found a great photo of Summer and wanted to share. We all love and miss you sister. Thank you for the time you gave us.

Thank you

The Denver memorial was wonderful, lots of tears and hugs.  Thank you all for attending.

Everyone knows Summer was a fun person.  Please share some of your favorite memories or stories about her here.

Denver service

A memorial service for Summer will be held Monday, April 23, 2012 at Thorn Creek Christian Church, 12590 N. Washington St, Thornton CO 80241
Service will be conducted AT 5:00 PM by Pastor Ruben Villarreal.  All family, friends and church members are invited.
In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to your favorite charity.
For questions:  303-252-7111 or 602-826-3353

Thank you for your support and well wishes

Monday, April 16, 2012 at Central Christian Church, 933 N. Lindsay Road, Mesa AZ 85213.


Visitation from 1 to 2, 3:30 pm.

Memorial services will be held from 2 to 3 pm.

Flowers or cards can be sent to Central Christian Church.

You can address to Summer or The Chandler / Howard family. You can enter comments at

Later that same Monday, April 16th, there will be a sunset graveside service at 6:00 pm at Mesa City Cemetery, 1212 N. Center St, Mesa Az 85201. Due an agreement with cemetery regulations, it is important that no one arrive earlier than 5:50 pm. All are welcome to attend. The gates close at 7:00 pm

A small prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for getting us home safely and into the arms of family.

Please help me to be kind to each person I meet today.

Give me the strength to comfort those that need it.

Help each of my actions be guided by your will, and may each action be in memory of Summer.

Let me remember that not everything has to go my way, and that unkind words are spoken through grief.

All of Summer’s family and friends are trying to do good things, please help them in those deeds and hold a special place for those I may forget to thank properly.


My Sister was a RockStar

I’m so moved by all the sentiments posted here.  I had no idea what Summer was like outside of my experiences with her.  I’m so surprised and happy to read these stories..

Here is a photo with her and Kassidy.

This one is of hungry Aunty Rockstar with hungry baby Chance and cowboy photo bomber with his partner ATM.

“Summertime” celebration of life reminder. It’s tomorrow!

Saturday Celebration for Summer
Watch for the “Daisy” mylar baloons on Ray Rd  to identify direction to the location.
Address again is 2711 E. Dry Creek Road in Phoenix, (Awatukee), 85048.
Turn West on Ray Road when you exit I-10.
Click HERE for a map
It’s a residential so initial parking will be on the street.  When that is full, we’ll utilize valet to a local parking area.   Car pooling is recommended and appreciated.